Starting an Audit

Now that you have obtained a license for your first audit you can get started by either:

  • starting a new audit by clicking on a license in the left column (1) under Start new audit or 
  • by a clicking on one of the Recent files in the right column (2)

Layout components

AuditSoft has 3 main components as shown in the image. They are:
        3. Tool bar

        4. Navigation menu

        5. Content page

Each of these components are discussed in more detail below:

Tool bar (3)

  • Back  - back to the previous page
  • Clock  - how much time you have left to complete your audit
  • Save - save your current working file
  • Open - open an existing file
  • Print report - generate a PDF report of the audit content
  • Merge audits - merge two or more audits 
  • Save action plan - generate an excel spreadsheet action plan
  • Zoom in - zooming in and increase the text size
  • Zoom out - zooming out and decreasing the text size
  • Help - access to this support system
  • Back to homepage - return to the homepage

Navigation menu (4)

The navigation structure on the left of the page enables you to systematically step through the audit process:

  • Audit Information - defining the company being audited and the auditor's information
  • Scope - defining the scope of the audit based on the locations/sites, employees and employment roles
  • Gathering Evidence - following the ISO 19001 auditing steps of reviewing documentation (D), conducting interviews (I) and recording site observations (O)
  • Audit Results - formulating your final findings and suggestions based on the evidence
  • Summary Information - providing supporting information and audit summary content

Content page (5)

Content page changes based on the menu item and navigation option selected. The content pages section is where all content is authored and edited.