In AuditSoft you are required to have a valid license for each audit that you want to work on.

Before obtaining a license you must first install AuditSoft and register a user account.

There are 2 types of licenses:

Training Licence

When you register for training your training provider will provide instructions of where to obtain a training license and how to activate it.

Production License

Production licenses can be purchased directly from the AuditSoft home page.

  1. Ensure that you are logged in to AuditSoft

  2. On the left side of the page select Get new license (1)

  3. On the License details page select the Certifying Partner or Certification Body for which you will be doing an audit

  4. Then specify the Legal name of the company to be audited and then click on the Purchase button.
  5. Here you can also select the cloud backup to backup your files to ensure business continuity.

    IMPORTANT: you will NOT be able to change the Audit Protocol (2) or the Legal Company name (3) after completing the license purchase.

    Please double check the spelling of the Legal company name and ensure that you have selected the correct protocol
  6. Next you will be prompted to provide your credit card details and then your credit card will be processed for the purchase amount
  7. If your credit card is successfully processed the purchased license will appear on the Home page under the Start a new audit column (see 4 below). To start an audit simply click on this license.

Note: In the case of team audits each of the auditors in your team will be required to have their own license in order to access AuditSoft. For more information see: Conducting Team/Department Audits