Audit Information > Company Details

List the details of the company or organization that is being audited.

Any field with an asterisk (*) is required. When all the required information is provided a "check-mark" will appear in the left navigation menu.

If any section of the audit is outstanding or incomplete you can move you cursor over the menu item and a tooltip will provide detail on the missing item:

Audit Information > Audit Details

List the details related to the auditor and the audit.

Pay close attention to the audit dates (see items 1,2 and 3 in the image below), these dates drive the messages in the audit Clock.


The audit Clock (4) notification is determined by the audit setup and related information and may differ between audits. An example of how the notification is set:

  • The auditor has the earliest of 45 days from First day on site (1) OR December 31st of the year to complete the onsite activities.
  • The auditor has a limit of 21 days from Last day on site (2) before the Audit submission date (3)

IMPORTANTFor Limited scope audits view article: Limited Scope Audit