Organizing (Collating) attachments to your PDF report

IMPORTANT: The exported PDF report contains embedded data that is used to confirm the origin of the audit and to automatically process the document content. The embedded data only includes information that is also printed on the PDF pages. 

The steps to add attachments to the PDF report:

  1. Ensure that all the sections of the audit have been completed. This will be indicated by a "check-mark" in the navigation structure next to each menu section - see (1) below.

  2. Select the Print Report option from the tool bar and save the PDF report

  3. You may have to submit additional information along with the audit report. There are two ways to do this:
    1. RECOMMENDED: Submit multiple PDF files (for example the PDF report along with additional PDF files that contain the additional information like a organizations structure, appropriate communication, etc.)
    2. or you can attach additional PDF files to the report. To do this open the PDF report in a PDF editing application that maintains the integrity of the embedded AuditSoft data.

      IMPORTANTMany free online PDF merge software application will remove the embedded AuditSoft data and should not be used.

      The recommended application is:
  4. After you have organized the attachments and you have saved the final audit report PDF file be sure to check the integrity of the file as described in the section below.