There are 3 parts to defining the scope of the audit and where the justification information for the selection of sites to visit and employees to interview is defined.

Scope > Select Audit Content

Here you select the elements to include in the audit. Generally, you should include all the elements, unless you are doing a Limited Scope audit or an audit that allows you to exclude elements.

Scope > Site Sampling Summary

List the number of sites to visit during the audit and the number of interviews to do at each visited site.

  • Start by adding the individual corporate sites, and 
  • then the number of employees in each role at each site. When setting up the employee levels, use the organizational chart to ensure you enter the correct number of levels, keeping in mind that the company job descriptions may not align 100% with the audit roles.
  • IMPORTANT: Check the sites that will be visited in the "Visit" column (see the image below). The sites selected here will determine sites are available in the evidence gathering steps.

It is important to note that when dealing with companies with flat organizational structures – that is, having with only “Manager” and “Worker“ levels. Then the “managers” must not be categorized as “Senior Manager”. That is because many audit questions are only asked of the “Manager” level and not to “Senior managers”, and if these questions are skipped the audit would be incomplete. 

In the case of large audits with over 30 sites you may request authorization to adjust the number of Minimum required site visits.  For more information see Scope > Site Sampling Summary > Adjust there number Manually

Scope > Interview Planning

This section summarizes the recommended number of employees that must be interviewed at each site, as well as the sites that need to be visited.

The Recommended Interviews is automatically calculated based on the fact that a fraction of a person cannot be interviewed resulting that the Recommended Interviews will always exceed the Minimum required interviews.  

Some audit protocols allow you to change the distribution and allocation of the Recommended Interviews and allows you to Use Custom Interview Plan - Please note: This option is not enabled for all audit protocols. 

It is important to complete the Representative sampling justification section where you should include a detailed summary outlining the justification for the selection of the sites visited and employees interviewed