The Audit Results section of AuditSoft is where you compose your findings and summarize the evidence you collected during your evidence-gathering activities. These findings support the percentages that were assigned in the evidence gathering steps assign and form the basis of any suggestions that you make on how to improve the audited Occupational Health and Safety Management System. 

Audit Results

Selecting Audit Results (see 1 below) will expand the section and will show all the audit elements (see 2 below). The first element is always selected by default.

Element navigation and status bar

At the top of the page is an Element navigation and status bar by moving your mouse over any question number in bar will display the question as well as any our standing content, highlighted in red, that is needed to complete the question. 

If you click on any question you will scroll to the selected question. 

The colors indicate the following:

Question and Guidelines

Audit question (see 3 below) and the guidelines / instructions on how to answer the question( see 4 below) are displayed on the content page.


AuditSoft automatically converts the results from your evidence gathering activities into a score. In this example above (see 5), verification was through “Review of Documentation”. 100% was assigned based on the documents that were reviewed and the system automatically scored the audit question as 5 / 5 based on built-in automatic scoring criteria. 

There are two question scoring rules:

  • All-or-nothing: This means the question is assigned either all the points, based on whether a minimum threshold was met (typically 70% or 100% positive indicators), or the question is assigned zero points if the threshold is not met and,
  • Range: This means the percentage is converted into a score – for example 73% positive indicators would result in a score of 7/10, or 15/20.

Show and Append Comments

Below each question are two buttons:

  • Show Comments : This reveals the confidential notes that were recorded during the Documentation, Interview, and Observation steps. Review them before you start to write your notes and findings.
  • Append comments : Enables you to add the comments directly to either the “Findings and Notes”, “Strengths” and /or the “Suggestions for improvement”  sections of the question response. After appending your notes you can revise them to compose the audit question’s final response as you want it to appear in the audit report.

Note: These buttons only appear if you recorded noted in the evidence gathering steps

Flag for follow up

In some cases, you may want to return to a question at a later stage. Select the Flag for follow-up checkbox (see 6 below). This replaces the current status of the question in the Element navigation and status bar to a yellow highlight (see 7 below) and marks the audit element in the navigation menu as incomplete.

Question Dependencies

Some questions in an audit scored relative to other audit questions. These dependencies are built into AuditSoft. If a dependency is violated you will be notified within the questions scoring section (see 8 below) as well as in the Element navigation and status bar. For more information on questions dependencies please see Questions Dependencies