To record the results of an observation tour at a site select Gather Evidence and then Record Observation in the navigation menu

The Content Page on the right lists only those sites that were marked as Visited in the Site Sampling Summary. If a site is not listed, click on the Add or Edit visited sites to change your selection of visited sites.

To record results from your observation tour, click on the Add or Edit button next to the site that you toured. 

The Content Page lists only those question within the audit that must be verified through an observation tour and it list each question as it appears in the protocol. 

Clicking on the More link below each question will expand the question to reveal additional information. These guidelines provide more detail on what to look for, and how to score your findings.  

Based on the evidence reviewed record your findings in point-form in the Comments section. These Comments are used later to compose a formal answer to the audit question. It is recommended that you keep your notes short and to the point because are only reviewing one site and have not completed all the documentation review, interview and observation steps, and do not know if the evidence from those steps will support your initial findings.

Next assign a % Compliant indicating to what degree the reviewed evidence meets the audit requirements. You should assign the percentage in accordance with the question’s guidelines.

IMPORTANT: Note, the % Compliant is not the same as the scoring the audit question. The question score is automatically calculated based on the total % Compliant assigned across all the visited sites. Scoring is covered in in the Audit Results section.

Record Observation > Results

The results of all complete observation tours can be viewed by clicking on the Results tab.

This presents all the observation tour findings in a single table and gives you a holistic view of the entire audit and insight into the areas that did well and areas that are an opportunity for continuous improvement. 

There are columns displaying the % Compliant at each visited site and a Results column, which combines those results. 

The Results column data is used for scoring in your final audit report are calculated based on specifications of the selected audit protocol as either: 

Note: if the % Compliant was omitted the assigned % Compliant is marked as N/A in this table and is excluded from all calculations.