Gathering verifiable evidence through a repeatable process is vital in completing a reliable audit. When auditing an Occupational Health and Safety Management System, you must determine if the required components of the system exist, and if these components meet the protocol requirements. This is done through a process of gathering evidence to prove compliance.

AuditSoft offers a systematic evidence-gathering process, often referred to as the D-I-O process:

  • D - stands for Documentation Review. It is the first step in gathering evidence. It verifies that all required policies and procedures are in place, and that the company being audited has consistent record keeping processes.
  • I  - stands for Conducting Employee Interviews. Here the goal is to verify that employees are aware of the documented policies and procedures, as well as their responsibilities within the system being audited.
  • O - stands for Record Observations. This step entails verifying that the policies and procedures reviewed in the D and I steps are being followed through observation tours of the audited sites.