In response to the COVID-19 pandemic the Alberta Government and Certifying Partners have made significant changes to the 2020 Audit Requirements.

Effective immediately (March 19 2020) all COR certification and maintenance audits will be reduced in scope to include only the Documentation evidence gathering step, specifically excluding interviews and observations.

AuditSoft has implemented the following changes to support this updated Documentation Review auditing option.

Audit Process

Total Available Points

Based on Certifying Partner and Alberta Partnerships approval all Interview and observation questions and question components have been removed from the audit and as a result the total available points in the audit have been reduced from:

 1000 Points  to  485 Points



The Interview Planning table and associated interview metrics and sampling related questions have been removed in order to simplify the AuditSoft layout. 

Evidence Gathering

The elimination of Interview and Observation evidence gathering steps has resulted in a simplified layout and only Documentation Review now appears in the navigation menu under the Gather Evidence section.


The final audit report styling has been updated and any supporting documents in the Summary information section of the audit that are not applicable in documentation review audit have been removed.