Some browsers and/or Anti-virus applications may not recognize the AuditSoft application and will either display a warning or will block installation of AuditSoft completely.


Anti-virus applications may completely block installation and/or provide a warning. To rectify the issue you can add an exception to the anti-virus application that will allow AuditSoft to install. When adding exception please include the AuditSoft server domains listed under: Unable to Upload / Access Server


For more details on adding exceptions please see the links and examples below. 

Browsers may notify you that AuditSoft is not a commonly installed application, but generally will allow you to continue with installation. 

Below is a list the know issues and potential solutions. If you encounter an issue that is not listed below or if the solution below does not correct the blocking please open a new support ticket 



Message: auditsoft.exe "is not a commonly downloaded and may be dangerous". 

The solution is to:

  • Click on the options arrow and select "Keep"
  • Then click on the downloaded file to install

Anti-virus Software


Instructions on how to add the two AuditSoft web domains (listed above) as exceptions to AVG can be found here: