The Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association (  is an educational non‑profit organization that promotes the knowledge of health and safety in the municipal workplace. Our mission is to guide municipal employers in implementing effective occupational health and safety (OHS) management systems and to act as a Certifying Partner in the Partnerships in Injury Reduction Program. 




  • Auditors have a maximum of 45 calendar days from the Audit Start Date (Earlier of: when documentation is received for review OR the first day on-site) or Dec 31st of the calendar year (whichever comes first) to complete the on-site activities.
  • Auditors must submit the final audit report within 21 calendar days from the End of the Data Gathering Phase .  (Extensions for report writing can be requested for extenuating circumstances - inquire at


  • After the Quality Assurance review, the auditor may be given a list of required revisions.  The updated audit must be resubmitted within 15 calendar days.
  • Multiple revisions are allowed but cannot exceed 90 days total.


Submitting your audit


IMPORTANT: If the audit will also be used for Internal Auditor Qualification, also include the AuditSoft Audit file (ending in extension .asa) when submitting the audit.  

Quality Assurance

  • The AMHSA will review the submitted audit and will request revisions if required.

Provide a copy to the client

IMPORTANT:  Do not provide a copy of the report to the client until you receive approval from the AMHSA.

  • The Auditor is responsible to provide the client with a copy of the approved audit report after AMHSA’s quality assurance audit review process is completed. 
  • Include a copy of the Save action plan template. The client can create an action plan question-by-question based on Suggestions for Improvement in the action plan template.



Questions can be directed to or to Shannon Thomas at or 780.691. 6449