The Continuing Care Safety Association ( is an educational non‑profit organization that promotes the knowledge of health and safety in long-term care and seniors’ supportive living workplaces. Our mission is to guide long-term care and seniors’ supportive living employers to create safe workplaces through provision of education, leadership and collaboration. To deliver on this mission we support long-term care and seniors’ support living employers in implementing effective occupational health and safety (OHS) management systems and to act as a Certifying Partner in the Partnerships in Injury Reduction Program. 



Audit Registration is required for 2020 before a 2020 documentation-only COR audit can be conducted.

CCSA 2020 COR Audit Registration Form




  • Auditors have a maximum of 45 calendar days from the Audit Start Date (Earlier of: when documentation is received for review OR the first day on-site) or Dec 31st of the calendar year (whichever comes first) to complete the on-site activities. 
  • Auditors must submit the final audit report within 21 calendar days from the End of the Data Gathering Phase 

Extensions for report writing can be requested for extenuating circumstances - inquire with the CCSA COR Team,

Submitting your audit


IMPORTANT: If the audit will also be used for Internal Auditor Qualification, also include the AuditSoft Audit file (ending in extension .asa) when submitting the audit. 


Quality Assurance

  • The CCSA COR Team will review the submitted audit and will request revisions if required.



  • After the Quality Assurance review, the auditor may be given a list of required revisions.  The updated audit must be resubmitted within 15 calendar days.
  • Multiple revisions are allowed but cannot exceed 90 days total.

Provide a copy to the client

IMPORTANT: Do not provide a copy of the report to the client until you receive approval from the CCSA.

  • The Auditor is responsible to provide the client with a copy of the approved audit report after CCSA’s quality assurance audit review process is completed. 
  • Include a copy of the Save action plan template. The client can create an action plan question-by-question based on Suggestions for Improvement in the action plan template.



Questions can be directed to CCSA COR Team via email to or via phone to 780.433.5330.