If you are unable to:

  • create an account, 
  • log in to the application or 
  • purchase a license 

it could be because web services needed by the application have been blocked on your computer or network. and you may get a message stating"

"Unable to create account. Please check that you are connected to the internet and able to access https://..."

Please follow the steps below:

  • Are you on a corporate network?
    If you are on a corporate network your IT department may be blocking access to some sites and you may need to request the "white listing" of the sites below.

  • Are you on a personal/home network?
    If you do not have an IT department your anti-virus software may be blocking access to the required sites. Temporarily disable your anti-virus software while accessing the licencing/registration page.  

To ensure that the AuditSoft application functions correctly the following domains have to be accessible (white listed) by the application at all times: