Power outages happen and computers sometimes shut down unexpectedly. 

Is all your unsaved data lost? 

Not necessarily. AuditSoft creates automatic backups (AutoSave) of your most recent working audit file(s) at approximately 20 min intervals after you start the application. The last 50 session backups are stored in a hidden folder on your computer. 

To recover a file (see images below):

  1. Open AuditSoft and select Local Backups
  2. From the local backup list select a file and then click Restore
  3. Save the file to the file system.

The backup file naming system is in the format: 

        YYYYMMDDhhmmss-[Company name]_.bak

for example:

        20220414190909-Acme Industries Inc_.bak 

is a backup saved on:

        2022-04-14 at 5:09:09 PM for the license Acme Industries Inc 


Important: Locally stored backups do not guard against hardware failure or theft of a laptop - please ensure that you review AuditSoft Cloud Backup as part of your business continuity planning and disaster recovery process.