User Permission: Site Manager, Collaborator

Concurrent editing

  1. Multiple users can edit the same ASE at the same time
  2. To prevent one user from over writing another users content the system locks any data fields that you are editing: 
    • In (A) below the data field is locked and ownership is indicated by the label You are editing
  3. You can also see which fields are locked by other users:
    • In (b) the field is Being edited by Bill Safely and the tooltip indicated that You cannot edit this until Bill Safety stops editing. 

Could not acquire lock 

  1. If you attempt to edit a data entry field that another user is currently working on and warning message will be displayed:

    Could not acquire lock: Someone else is editing this question now. Please wait until they release the lock.
  2. The users lock on a data entry field will be released  15 seconds after the used exits the data entry field