User Permission: Company manager

  1. The Company Manager is the individual that sets up the corporate structure. This is done by creating VPP sites by clicking Add Site
  2. When adding a site specify the following:
    • The name of the site (B)
    • The VPP site type (C)
    • If the site uses the VPP federal program (D)
    • The state where the site is located and (E)
      • NOTE: During the first half of 2022 we will the adding State programs systematical. If you are attempting to start a ASE for a unsupported state you may get the message:
        Sorry, we don't have an annual self-evaluation form for [State name].
        If applicable, you may use the federal evaluation instead by selecting This is a Federal VPP Program site, or you can contact AuditSoft support for more information.
    • The name of the manager of the VPP program at the site (F). There are 2 option
      • Me
      • Someone else (even if you select someone else you will also be assigned as the VPP site manager of the site)
  3. Repeat the process until all the corporate VPP sites have been added