High quality VPP Annual Self Evaluation (ASE) reports involve a cross section of employees, supervisors and managers. It is highly recommended that you involve:

  • Employees, supervisors and workers at your site
  • Other corporate or sister site managers
  • Special Government Employees (SGEs)
  • VPPPA mentors and
  • private consultants and insurance reps

The VPPonline was built for collaboration. Allowing multiple individuals to edit and view the same ASE at the same time.

You can invite up to 25 additional users to collaborate with at each site.

Inviting Users

User Permission: Site Manager

  1. Only VPP program managers as a site, with the Site manager, role can invite users to a VPP site.
  2. From the site selection dropdown menu on the left select the site for where you want to invite users (A)
  3. Select the People tab (B)
  4. Then select Invite User (C)
  5. An Invite a user form will appear where you can add the details of the individual that you want to invite (D)
  6. Select the Role (also see: User Permissions) (E)
  7. Click Invite (F)