AuditSoft periodically has to communicate with servers in order to perform functions like:

If access to these servers is blocked for whatever reason the system cannot function as designed. The following are common reasons for error messages related to connectivity:

  • Do you have a high quality working internet connection
    AuditSoft was built to function in an offline environment, but the functions listed above require an internet connection. If you are in a remote location or have poor/intermittent internet access it could result in connection errors

  • Are you on a personal/home network?
    Your anti-virus software may be blocking access to the required sites. You could try to temporarily disable your anti-virus software while accessing the licensing/registration page.
    For more information, you can also click this link here: Anti-Virus and Blocking of Install

  • Are you on a corporate network?
    If you are on a corporate network, your IT department may be blocking access to some sites and you may need to request the "Allowlist / Acceptlist" of the sites below.

Add AuditSoft domains to your Allowlist / Acceptlist 

To ensure that the AuditSoft application functions correctly the following domains have to be accessible by the application at all time:

    This is the application home page required for updates, communications and installation

    Required for license management and registration.
    Note: Without access to this domain the application is not usable.

  • and (Amazon Web Services)
    Storage of attachments and backups.

    This is the online customer support and ticketing system that is accessed from within the AuditSoft application.

    This is the eLearning platform for providing online training on AuditSoft

    Is a 3rd party credit card processor that is utilized during the licensing process.
    Note: Without access to this domain the application is not usable.

Certificate chain errors

AuditSoft ensures that you have a secure connection to the license server, backup server, and credit card processor. Some corporate networks modify the connection, which prevents the application from ensuring security. When this happens, the issue is noted in the Technical Information displayed in gray below the red error message. Typical messages that indicate this problem are:

  • "Self signed certificate in certificate chain" or
  • "Unable to get local issuer certificate"

In these cases, as well as whitelisting the domains above, it is necessary to prevent the network from modifying connections made to these domains.