AuditSoft takes precautions to ensure business continuing and we offer two forms of backup to ensure that your files are as safe as possible:

So want is the difference between the two?

  • Local Backup: Whenever you save your audit file (and if you have not saved for 15 min) AuditSoft saves a copy of your audit file to a hidden folder on your laptop - this is the Local Backup. The Local Backup makes it easy to recover your work if something happens to your operating system, power supply or if your computer crashes and must be restarted. To ensure that you do not run out of space we only keep the most recent 100 backups.
  • Cloud Backup: Local backup is very helpful, but it cannot protect against catastrophic incidents. If your laptop is stolen, your hard drive fails, you drop your laptop on a pool while on vacation, etc. then the local backup is also not accessible. To guard against these risks Cloud Backup also stores a replica of all your Local Backup files on a cloud server and we keep all of these indefinitely or until you delete them.