Some AuditSoft audits/assessments allow the user to carry over data from one year to another. This typically significantly reduce the number of questions that need to be answered in the assessment

Alberta Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR)

The Alberta SECOR assessment can be reduced by 33% in subsequent maintenance years if AuditSoft is used to complete a certification SECOR assessment. Up to a third of question can be eliminated in maintenance years if they meet the following requirements in the certification year: 

  • The question relates to documented Policies/Procedures, and
  • The company scored 100% of the available points for the question

The process to carry over from one year to another:

  • The certification must be completed with AuditSoft. 
  • After completion of the review by your Certifying Partner a copy of the certification assessment file (.asa) will returned to the company (keep a copy - you will need this file in the maintenance years).
  • In the maintenance years when you start a new assessment:
    1. Select the "I am a Self-Assessor" option (the carry over option is not available to external auditors) 
    2. Select the “I have documents to carry over" option (this will be enabled in January 2024) and import the AuditSoft file (.asa) from the certification year.