In a team audit, one auditor had entered a sample to calculate positive indicators (e.g. 2/3 which is equal to 66% positive indicators) in the documentation information gathering step. Another auditor entered only the percentage of positive indicators, omitting the sampling (e.g. 20%). 

The system provides the following warning:

How are these merged?

Firstly this ONLY affects audit where 2 auditors answered the SAME questions at the SAME site.


  • If both auditors provided sample it will add the numerators and denominators 
    • e.g. 3/15 (20%) and 2/3(66%) will become (3+2)/(15+3) = 5/18 (28%)
  • If both auditors provided % we have to average the results 
    • e.g. 20% and 66% will become (20% + 66%)/2 =43%
  • But in the scenario above one auditor provided a % and the other auditor provides a sample 
    • We have to average the results of 20% and 2/3 (66%), but the system cannot guess how the user got to 20% (i.e. is it from 1/5 or 20/100?) 
    • The result is that it will discard the sample and calculate the average only based only on the % 
    • In this example = (20% + 66%)/2 =43%