This article outlines how to submit your final audit or assessment once it is complete.

Once you have completed your audit or assessment, head to the 'Submit Audit' or 'Submit Assessment' section on the left hand navigation bar. You should see a page that looks like the screenshot below:

Note: If you are unsure whether you have completed your audit or assessment, or see any warning/error messages on this page (typically highlighted in red), review this article for help: Is my audit or assessment complete?

If you do not have any warning/error messages and you're ready to submit your report, follow these simple steps:

1. Decide whether you would like to include the audit file with your submission.

If this is a student audit submission, including the .asa file is mandatory. If not, it is up to your discretion to include the file by checking the box.

Note: Some associations require the .asa file with all submissions. In this case, the box for the .asa file will be automatically checked off (see below screenshot):

2. Include any notes for review.

This is your opportunity to include any final notes for the reviewer. This field is optional and can be left blank. See below screenshot for an example.

3. Click the 'Send' button.

Finally, click the blue 'Send' button on the bottom right corner to submit your audit or assessment. 

You should see the following message once it has been successfully submitted:

Congratulations! Your audit or assessment has been submitted and has now entered the Quality Assurance process. Keep an eye on your email and/or AuditSoft software to view updates on your submission. For more information on the QA process, check out this article: The Quality Assurance / Review process for auditors

Note: The post-submission process is unique for certain protocols, like the STEPUP assessment. Review this article to learn more about what happens post-submission for your STEPUP assessment: I've submitted my STEPUP assessment. Now what?

If you still have questions or need help, feel free to review our Solutions page or reach out to