As of the 13th of December 2023, Microsoft Defender has mistakenly flagged AuditSoft as a malware. 

We are in active communication with Microsoft to resolve this "false positive" and a resolution is pending. In the interim there are two solutions:

1) Microsoft store

Recommended solution: Install AuditSoft from the Microsoft store (click on the image below) 

2) Bypass anti-virus

Below are instructions for a temporary fix to bypass Windows defender and will enable you to continue using the current install of AuditSoft.

  1. Open "Windows Security" 
  2. Select "Virus & Threat Protection"

  3. Under "Current Threats" you will see the threat "Trojan:Win32/NetLoader!pz". Select this file, see (1) in the image below.

  4. Select "Allow on device" see (2) in the image below.
  5. Select "Start Actions" see (3) in the image below. This will prevent the AuditSoft from being flagged as a malware.
  6. Once this has been completed, please download AuditSoft and reopen the application.

Note: If there are no "Current Threats" listed
  1. Select "Protection History"
  2. Next select "Actions" to view all downloads that have been blocked.
  3. Then select the most recent download and select "Allow".