This article outlines how to install AuditSoft onto your computer, laptop, or tablet. 

The AuditSoft application is available for free download and install on Windows devices through the Microsoft App store. For Mac OS users, check out this article: System requirements

Download/install AuditSoft with your browser

To download AuditSoft, click on the image below to go to the AuditSoft page on the online Microsoft App Store:

If link in the image does not work, copy & paste this link: 

On the Microsoft Store page (see below), click on 'Install' or 'Get' and your AuditSoft application will be installed and ready to use in a few minutes.

Once your application is installed, you'll need to create a user account to purchase or request licenses for your audit/assessment. Follow the steps in this article to create your user account and log in: Create a user account or login on AuditSoft

Download/install AuditSoft from the Microsoft App Store

If you're having trouble accessing the link above, here's how to open the Microsoft Store and find AuditSoft:

  1. Search and open the  Microsoft Store on Windows (view 1 below): 
  2. Search AuditSoft in the search tab at the top of the Microsoft Store App (view 2 below).
  3. Select "Get" and once the AuditSoft Application has finished downloading select "Open". (view 3 below).