This article will help you decide whether you should complete the STEPUP assessment depending on your membership status with ABC.

If you are not an ABC member, you can still complete the STEPUP assessment. Completing the assessment will make you eligible to bid on all projects hosted by participating GCs. Your ABC membership status will not negatively impact your STEPUP assessment.

Just indicate 'No' for the ABC Membership Information questions (see screenshot below) and continue with your assessment.

If you are not an ABC member but plan to be in the future, you can fill out the assessment in the same way above. Once you submit the assessment, ABC will guide you in becoming a member if you are interested.

If you are an ABC member, respond 'Yes' to ABC Membership question and answer the next questions regarding your membership. Don't forget to include the ABC chapter you are affiliated with (see screenshot below).

All other parts of the assessment will be identical, regardless of ABC membership status. Your STEPUP assessment will be included and eligible for bids regardless of your ABC membership status. 

If you still have questions or need more help, please reach out at