This article details how to identify whether your audit or assessment is complete or incomplete, and identify what needs to be done to complete it.

Unsure whether you're ready to submit your audit or assessment? 

There are multiple signs that indicate whether your audit or assessment is complete. Here are two ways to tell:

1. Checkmark vs Caution 

On the left hand side of your AuditSoft software, you'll see a navigation bar with all elements of your assessment. Once you click into them, they'll either have a green checkmark or an orange caution sign. See screenshot below for an example:

Don't see any symbols? This means you haven't started these sections. Click into them and you'll see the checkmark or caution sign appear.

If any element or section has a caution sign, it means that part of your audit/assessment is not complete. Click into that section and navigate to the missing field to complete your audit. 

Once you have all green checkmarks, you're ready to submit. Check out this article to submit your audit or assessment: Submitting your audit or assessment : AuditSoft Inc. ( 

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