This article describes what you can expect in your continuous improvement plan after submitting your STEPUP Assessment.

Congratulations! You've submitted your STEPUP assessment. You can now export your final report PDF and submit it to participating GCs in lieu of a pre-qualification form. 

There's more to come post-submission. 7 business days after your submission, you can expect to receive a custom continuous improvement plan from AuditSoft based on your STEPUP assessment. 

Your Occupational Health & Safety Continuous Improvement Plan

Objective: To enhance the effectiveness of safety pre-planning processes, align practices with industry best practices, and establish a proactive safety culture within the organization.

This continuous improvement plan comes in 4 parts, one for each quarter of the year. The goals for each quarter is customized to your needs based on your STEPUP Assessment.

Q1 (Months 1-3) - Goal: Custom goal based on your needs

Q2 (Months 4-6) - Goal: Custom goal based on your needs 

Q3 (Months 7-9) - Goal: Custom goal based on your needs 

Q4 (Months 10-12) - Goal: Custom goal based on your needs 

Finally, there is an additional section at the end describing the processes required to continuously monitor and improve your systems. 

Do I have to follow everything in this plan?

This plan will position your company as a leader in safety management, potentially attracting new clients and projects that value high safety standards. However, it is entirely optional. It is built using only the information from the STEPUP Assessment, and thus your Safety Lead or company representative will have more context in order to make the right safety decisions for your company.

If you submitted your STEPUP assessment more than 2 weeks ago and haven't received your continuous improvement plan, please reach out at