This article will outline the Quality Assurance (QA) process for auditors post-submission.

Once you submit your audit, it will enter the QA process. Each association may have nuances in their QA process, but the basic steps will be the same. Here's what you can expect while your audit is in QA:

Note: You will receive an email notification for each step.

1. Submission page: This page confirms that your audit has been submitted and is pending review. If you don't see this page, just hit the refresh icon on the top right corner. 


2. Audit in review: This page confirms that your audit has been assigned to a reviewer. 

3. Revision requests: This page shows you the comments received from the reviewer, typically including revision requests. Please make the required changes and then hit the 'Submit' button again. This step may happen a few times before your audit is approved (or may not happen at all!).

4. Audit approval: This page confirms that your audit has been accepted - congratulations!

Once your audit is approved, you can export your final PDF and share it with the company. Follow these instructions if you're unsure how: Export a PDF report of your audit or assessment : AuditSoft Inc. (

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