This article will describe what you can expect after submitting your STEPUP assessment.

Congratulations! You've completed and submitted your STEPUP assessment. You're one step closer to winning more work and championing safer worksites for all.

Once you submit your audit, you should see this confirmation page:

This means that your assessment has been successfully submitted. If your assessment includes any incomplete mandatory information, it may be sent back to you for completion. Please ensure all information is completed before submitting your assessment. 

Clicking the refresh icon on the top right corner will show you more details about your submission, like so:

1. Win more work

Once you see this page, you can now export your final report by following these instructions: Export a PDF report of your audit or assessment

You should email this PDF in lieu of a pre-qualification form to any participating General Contractors (GCs). You will be automatically pre-qualified for projects by all participating GCs. 

2. Continuous improvement plan

After your submission is accepted, you can expect to receive a custom continuous improvement plan delivered to you via email within 7 business days of your submission. Following the continuous improvement plan is completely up to your discretion. For more information on this, check out this article: STEPUP assessment: Your continuous improvement plan

If you need to make changes to your submitted STEPUP assessment, you can do that by following the instructions in this article: Submitting updates to your STEPUP Assessment

If you still have questions or need help, please explore our Solutions page or reach out to us at